Proposal Management System for Insurance Industry

If you need an insurance proposal system developed that will let you create impressive proposals with ease and will also allow sharing proposals, acceptance and digital signatures online you are on the right page. We have developed proposal management systems for leading insurance agencies and Insurance software companies. Proposal management systems developed by us let you create proposal Templates to quickly create proposals from them, reusable sections / blocks (like pricing tables, insurance plans) that you can embed at the time of creating proposals, share the proposal with other staff members for editing, send proposal to client online and get proposal acceptance and digital signature over the web.

More about Proposal Management System development

We have in-depth experience in creating custom HTML editor with features like responsive elements, draggable elements (tables, images, blocks of text), embedding pre-designed sections/blocks in the editor, all the formatting elements, preview proposal/template, download as pdf, share online with other staff members to contribute to the same proposal, mark positions for signature by client / producer so as to get the proposal eSigned, send the proposal by email or share privately via a web link and track recipient activity in real time (proposal opening, view count, how much time spent on which page to name a few). In addition, edit a proposal any number of times, duplicate proposal for same or different customer, adding variables to proposals (to replace customer, carrier and policy information automatically), user management, permissions management, contacts management, email notifications with attachments, secure link sharing to access proposal without login (by clients) and API development so that other companies could integrate with the proposal management system. Technically we work in Salesforce, .NET, PHP, Java and React. Write to us today at our development email id for your insurance software development.

List of Proposal Management System Features

  • Easy to use editor with Drag/Drop any element including images, text blocks and tables
  • Create and reuse Templates, Sections, Libraries and Proposals
  • Edit cover page, logo and other images
  • Manage standard messages like Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers etc
  • Auto generate table of contents
  • Share proposal online with clients and staff
  • View without login (by clients), digital signatures, acceptance/decline
  • Create and maintain multiple templates for each type of insurance
  • Duplicate proposals, templates or smaller elements
  • Send proposal as PDF attachment or share via a private web link
  • Track recipient activities (like who opened the proposal, how many times it was viewed and how much time was spent on which page)
  • Use the software as a standalone application or as an API for integration with other systems

Learn more about our Proposal Management System Development Experience

Webner is trusted by renowned companies across the globe for our responsiveness, diligence and technical expertise. Contact us today for the development of Proposal Management System and other Insurance Software features by writing to us at our development email id or by filling the contact us form.
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