Management Reports for Insurance Agencies and Carriers

We make it easy for insurance agencies to get insights into their business with advanced reports connected to their data, insurance AMS or online system they are using. Reports like active policies, X-Date reports, Lost Business reports etc are invaluable in understand agency’s current performance and future planning to do better. Similarly to judge internal staff performance Sales Production by Employee reports can tell a lot.
There are many other functional and financial reports that can be created and you can always ask for custom reports. In addition excel and pdf download of reports, graphical view (pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, map filters), and interactive reports make the reporting system much more powerful. Reports can be scheduled for generation and auto mailing to desired recipient list.

This is a list of standard reports that most of the insurance agencies ask for (Sample Insurance Reports Using Tableau):

  • X-Date Report
  • Active Policy Report
  • Commissions Receivable Report
  • Commissions Payable Report
  • Premiums Payable Report
  • Sales Production by Employee Report
  • New Business Report
  • Lost Business Report
  • Marketing Campaign Report
  • Business Projection Report
  • System User History Report
  • System User Productivity Report
We can help with this and a lot more. Get in touch today by writing to us at or fill the contact us form. We will be glad to assist you.
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