Google Scripting

If you need google scripts written we can assist you. Contact us for google scripts to look for new emails in Gmail, parse emails to extract useful information from them and post to some other system via API, email scripts to manage folders in Google Drive, scripts for reading data from or writing data into google sheets (calc), google docs creation, reading and writing. Scripts are hosted over Google drive so no server side hosting is required. They can be scheduled to run periodically to look for new emails and process them as they arrive. Similarly scripts can look for google sheets and documents creation and update and fire necessary actions.
Apart from that we work on server side coding for Google API integration with any other system supporting REST/SOAP integration. Single sign on with Google App products, integration of Google with Salesforce, Zoho, NetSuite, QuickBooks, AWS S3, DocuSign, HelloSign, MailChimp, EventBrite, SendGrid, Moodle&Totara or any other system - write to us today at our development email id or fill the contact form on our site.
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