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Envisiontel LMS Checkout
LMSCheckout Pricing Plans - There is a Plan for every company

Standard Professional Business Enterprise
$0Monthly $25Monthly $75Monthly $150Monthly
Custom theming All standard features + All professional features + All business features +
Mobile-friendly Course reviews & ratings Advanced reports CAS/SAML SSO
10 courses Coupon codes Rule-based discounting Marketing analytics
Course tags Tax collection Course visibility controls Group purchasing
Shopping cart Enrollment minimums Gift cards International language support
Social media integration Unlimited courses Classroom management & registration Multiple currency support
Email & forum support “Invoice Me” options Account management team Corporate billing options
3% + $0.30 per transaction 2.75% + $0.30 per transaction 2.50% + $0.30 per transaction 2.25% + $0.30 per transaction

We are affiliated with Envisiontel as a Reseller. We will suggest the best plan for you and procure LMSCheckout on your behalf at the best price so that you could have the perfect start in setting up your store.

This is the list of powerful features that LMSCheckout brings to you:

  • No messy software downloads, installation or configuration. LMSCheckout is hosted for you over the cloud in a secure environment.
  • Create and configure your store online. Get a dedicated URL for your store (like http://yourstore.lmscheckout.com) and manage from anywhere over the internet.
  • Look & Feel of your choice for your store. Upload your logo, branding image, tagline, customize colors and fonts. Display your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ icons. Create custom links for Support and Contacts (of your own team).
  • Put your store on hold (Under Construction) or activate it as needed.
  • Smooth integration with Moodle and Totara, your courses and programs are listed in LMSCheckout for online selling.
  • Receive payments through Debit cards, Credit cards or Paypal. Integration with Authorize.net and Paypal supported out of the box. Our developers can build the integration with any payment gateway of your choice.
  • Support for Bulk Purchase of courses by single user to distribute them across other users.
  • Set minimum threshold for enrollment into particular courses (minimum number of enrollments).
  • Tag courses for categorization, add custom image, assign prices, create discount coupons, hide/show courses on your store all by yourself.
  • Activate or Deactivate courses/programs to show/hide them.
  • Mark important courses as “Featured” to ensure a dedicated space for them on your store.
  • Responsive UI so that your users could feel the same experience irrespective of device they use
  • Clone stores, create child stores, sell subscription models.
  • Course Rating and Reviews by users enrolled to the courses (enable or disable this feature as required).
  • Create as many users as you want and create Admin users with restricted permissions.
  • Witness the growth of your store with reports. See number of transactions, revenue, shopping carts abandoned and more. Get custom reports built by our development team according to your needs at nominal pricing.
  • Free 15 day Trial period. Whether you are a small organization or big, there’s a plan for you.
  • View your invoices online, make online payments with Credit card or Paypal.
  • Get any custom services built around your store by our technical team at reasonable pricing (like integration with you other systems or website)
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