Why work with Webner

Services offered by Webner come with value and expertise. The developer assigned to our projects is professional, knowledgeable, and on task. She was always willing to dig in to a problem, which is exactly the initiative I need. From the business office, billing, through the execution of the project, everything has gone smoothly. Specifically, Webner's developers "just get it" when I say that a Moodle customization should be developed "the Moodle way." This means following the development guidelines and best practices established by Moodle PTY. Whether I needed micro tasks and small analysis projects or larger multi-week projects, the developer was able to adjust to the scope of the project. Even when development efforts landed a bit outside of the typical Moodle paradigm, the developer went the extra mile to learn another platform and produce results. I recommend the great value and expertise offered by Webner development services, specifically as it relates to Moodle and Totara LMS.

Jamie Kramer COO at Elearning Experts LLC Kansas City, Missouri Area

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