eLearning Salesforce Integration

eLearning Salesforce Integration
Webner has been instrumental in assisting global companies for integration of their eLearning software with Salesforce one way or both ways. Salesforce is a leading CRM system over the globe and having all the necessary information inside it helps the management for faster decision making. Not only that, a lot of companies use Salesforce as a superadmin application to control the eLearning content they want to offer and to manage their customers. There are several other usecases like evaluating opportunities based on courses enrolled by learners, running campaigns to offer new courses based on prior enrollments by learner, connecting end users closely with the company staff through customer portal to address their concerns and managing events calendar to name a few. Data can be synced in real time or periodically as a scheduled job as required.
Following are some examples of the type of integration most of the clients ask for:

  • Sync eLearning B2B Customers with Accounts and Learners with Salesforce Contacts
  • Sync new products (content, courses, programs etc) between LMS and Salesforce
  • Sync new orders from LMS to Salesforce along with products
  • Run campaigns in Salesforce to inform learners of new course launches based on the products they had ordered
  • Manage products to display in the eLearning system by hiding/showing them inside Salesforce
  • Manage business accounts, their plans and users inside Salesforce and immediately affect the elearning system with the same
  • Create orders inside Salesforce and porpagate to eLearning system in real time
  • Sync learner progress, grades and completion status from LMS into Salesforce
  • oAuth integration of LMS with Salesforce
  • Instant or scheduled data sync between the 2 systems
Integration between the systems can be done via an intermediate code that resides between the 2 systems hosted on an independent server or another way is to create Salesforce app for salesforce part and a plugin for the LMS part.

For integrate of your eLearning product with Salesforce write to us today.
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