Salesforce Data Dedupe

Salesforce Data Deduplication
If your Salesforce org contains duplicate data or bad data and you need it cleaned, we can do it for you. In addition we can reorganize your Salesforce object structure, implement data validation rules and workflow rules to reduce occurrence of bad data in future. If you do bulk upload of data (like CSV uploads) and you need a system in place to clean and merge it with Salesforce data, we can develop it.
Most of the Salesforce data hygiene projects we work with, duplicate or bad data exists in Leads, Contacts, Accounts and in Custom objects. Reason of this can be the business process (like multiple people entering same data hence it gets duplicated), minor difference among different records (like in Address “Street Number” is written as “St No” in another copy of the record), no validation rules in place (like no uniqueness or mandatory rules), incorrect custom object structure (like instead of creating separate objects where needed some org admins create additional fields inside another object) or other similar reasons. The result is a lot of data but majority of that is just duplicate or bad data which makes it difficult to work with for the staff. It is not a hopeless situation though. Irrespective of how large your data is, we can dedupe it and merge similar records based on rules specified by you. Not only we will clean and merge the data, we will also put in place the data validation rules, refactor object structure, move data to corresponding new objects and create workflow rules for automatic task assignments, reminders and auto closing the open records as needed. This will keep your data in good health for future as well.
Our team has expertise in Salesforce customization, working with large data and writing Salesforce code that uses minimum API and SOQL calls to perform the operations without affecting your ongoing work.

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