Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services

Webner is a content writing company that provides high quality content to promote your business. Having a good looking website is only one factor of the whole equation to attract target audience. The core of the equation is good content that covers your products and services in comprehensive but simple wording with crisp titles and subtitles. Understanding the products & services to write about, describing the purpose and benefits of the same in clear wording (which is grammatically correct as well), highlighting key-points and presenting the content in a beautiful way (with photos where applicable) are some of the key areas we focus on while writing content for our clients.

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Before we write on any subject, we do our study about the subject to understand its purpose, working, benefits, limitations, pricing plans, target audience (their age, location, needs related to the subject, keywords they are going to type in google to search for the product / service we are writing about, most probable time of search etc), target location and competitor content analysis. One this is done, we gather the images we may need, keywords we need to include in the content for SEO purpose, length of the content to write, headings, sub-headings, presentation ideas for the content if applicable and how the content should appear on large, medium & small screens. For this we may need to ask a lot of questions from you to make ourselves knowledgeable about your business. Each of these points may not be applicable in every case because it depends on whether we have to write on technology, product or service. Also whether we are writing content for a webpage, newsletter, email campaign, blog, manual, FAQ or in some other context. Once this preparation is done we write the content to meet objectives outlined. We make sure that content is grammatically correct, there are no spelling mistakes, we proofread and edit it (multiple times), add good examples where needed, a good heading, interesting start, middle and closing part, no duplication, we add some humor, storytelling and real-life examples to make it look natural. Sometimes this needs a lot of study, research and hard-work. But the result is awesome content that you and your customers will love!

Content Types

We create content of following types:
  • Technical Writing

    Technical writing includes description of technical process, reports, executive summary, briefs, manuals and brochures. Primary purpose of technical writing is to assist users who need information about operating an equipment, using a feature of the product or to understand flow of a process.

  • Website Content Writing

    Website Content Writing includes content for your website to describe your products and services in precise, engaging and SEO friendly manner in a nicely organized way.

  • Blog Writing

    Blog is a great way of sharing more detailed information related to your business with your users to drive quality traffic to your website. Writing about trends, best practices, technical details, new research related to your products & services, updates from your for your clients - all belong to blog posts. You need regular posting on your blog to increase the hits and we take care of this for you.

  • Newsletter and Email Writing

    Despite social media and new digital marketing techniques, email marketing is still one of the most important components of successful content marketing. With well-designed email content such as newsletters there is always possibility of high return on investment. Email newsletters allow you to create brand awareness, highlight your expertise and explain features of your products and services.

  • Social Media Content

    Social media helps in realizing what your target audience really cares about, and it's the content that drives your entire social media campaign to success. You need well crafted content that will attract and engage your readers and make them sit up and want to read or view what you are sharing. This is a combination of engaging news, visuals and videos. We keep your social media accounts full of activity.

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