Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Development and deployment over Cloud

We witness extensive increase in development and deployment over the cloud instead of in premises infrastructure. We have extensive experience in development over the cloud and managing cloud infrastructure. Most of the PHP projects are being deployed over Heroku now a days. Mostly Java projects or even PHP ones are getting built and deployed in AWS infrastructure. From time to time we develop in Windows Azure as well. We have developed software on different flavors of Linux, Windows and Mac.
In short we have experience of working on different PaaS and IaaS cloud environments. We can also suggest the hardware and software requirements based on your project needs.

This is a list of major infrastructure activities in which we can assist you:

  • Launch, configure and manage virtual Instances (Heroku, AWS, Azure)
  • Auto start, auto snapshot, mount new volume, increase partition space Security groups management (Firewall rules set)
  • Monitoring - Setup Metrics (CPU, Network, Disk-I/O), Custom Metrics (Disk Space, RAM Utilization), Set Alarms on the basis of configured metrics
  • Identity and Access Management - User management, Policy Implication, MFA implementation, Access keys for roles
  • RDS Instance monitoring, Auto Snapshots, Changes Parameters according to requirements, Database Alerts/Logs, Security groups and firewalls settings, Management of databases via terminal
  • AWS S3 - Creation/Deletion/Modification of buckets, bucket migration, Permissions
  • API integration for above
  • Workspace management - Fully Cloud based desktop environment OpsWorks with chef cookbooks and recipes

Contact us for development of your systems over the cloud and also for configuration and technical support for your instance.
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