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We witness extensive use of cloud infrastructure now as compared to on-premise infrastructure. The reason is an extensive set of services cloud infrastructure makes available out of the box at a reasonable price. Once can easily instantiate new virtual machines, define rules for automatic scaling when the traffic goes up, use CDN for serving content faster, create firewall and security rules, configure a load balancer to name a few. With cloud infrastructure there comes need of good administrators to ensure infrastructure stays in good shape. This is where we come into the picture to take care of your cloud infrastructure with the help of reasonably priced support plans.

This is a list of major infrastructure maintenance tasks for in which we can assist you:

  • Launch, configure and manage virtual Instances (Heroku, AWS, Azure)

  • Autostart, auto snapshot, mount the new volume, increase partition space Security groups management (Firewall rules set)

  • Monitoring – Setup Metrics (CPU, Network, Disk-I/O), Custom Metrics (Disk Space, RAM Utilization), Set Alarms on the basis of configured metrics

  • Identity and Access Management – User management, Policy Implication, MFA implementation, Access keys for roles

  • RDS Instance monitoring, Auto Snapshots, Changes Parameters according to requirements, Database Alerts/Logs, Security groups and firewalls settings, Management of databases via terminal

  • AWS S3 – Creation/Deletion/Modification of buckets, bucket migration, Permissions

  • API integration for above

  • Workspace management – Fully Cloud based desktop environment OpsWorks with chef cookbooks and recipes

Explore our support plans, create your custom support plan or write to us for dedicated administrators for your cloud infrastructure maintenance.

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