Instructional Design in Adobe Captivate

We create xAPI/SCORM compatible e-learning content in Adobe Captivate. If you are looking for an experienced E-Learning content creation team that can not only create static content but could easily handle more complex cases like user interaction, dynamic feedback based on user response, change in shapes, text and colors dynamically, mathematical symbols etc without using flash we are at your service.
We work with online training institutes, schools and corporates. We help you organize the content in such a way that it could be reused in multiple lessons/courses if needed. Adobe Captivate is a very powerful software for creation of instructional design content provided the content writer knows how to use its advanced features. Our content creators have experience in not only Adobe Captivate but in Javascript, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3 and we have a team of server-side programmers to assist while integrating the content in LMS /LRS of your choice. We work extensively with Moodle, Totara, Blackboard and Bridge LMS systems.

Contact us today for creation of your instructional design content in Adobe Captivate.

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