Blackboard Salesforce Integration

If you need Blackboard Learn to integrate with Salesforce one way or both ways, we are here to help you. We assist in syncing Blackboard Learn data in real time with Salesforce CRM. This includes syncing of users, courses, categories, activities, enrollments, grades, attempts and other elements. Sync can be from Blackboard Learn to Salesforce CRM and also from Salesforce CRM to Blackboard Learn as required by you. Some businesses want to use Salesforce CRM as the content management system which means they want to manage users, courses, enrollments and other entities from within Salesforce. This requirement is met with the integration of Salesforce and Blackboard Learn.
Data can be synced with Salesforce CRM's standard objects (like contacts, accounts, products) or custom objects structure can be created to match the objects of Blackboard Learn. Optimized object structure in Salesforce helps to keep the data visibility clear and easy to understand. Integration between Blackboard Learn and Salesforce CRM can be automated so that no manual intervention is required to trigger the sync. For example it can be event based, like whenever a new contact is created in Salesforce CRM, immediately a trigger on Contact Object can be fired to invoke the code to sync new Contact with User data in Blackboard Learn. Same thing can be done for courses, enrollments, categories, activities and other objects. From the other side, Blackboard Learn's data sync with Salesforce can also be event based. The other method which is used by many companies is to schedule the integration process to run every few minutes or hours. This means there will be some delay in integrating data between both the systems but the advantage is data in bulk can be synced instead of record by record. This method uses bulk APIs mostly and results in less API call consumption. Exact method to use depends on customer's requirements.

If you are looking to integrate Blackboard Learn with Salesforce write to us at our development email id today for the best quote.
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