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If you need a development team for your AWS Lambda projects, we will be glad to assist you. Do you have to process a large set of files or datasets, or do you have to send hundreds of emails in a few seconds? If your problem is similar to these concurrent processing issues then AWS Lambda is the perfect fit. AWS Lambda runs the code over high-availability compute machines which means the machines on which your code runs almost never go down due to lack of hardware resources. AWS Lambda can execute a piece of code in parallel and resources needed to support this parallel execution is also taken care of by it. AWS Lambda has the advantage of auto-scaling the resources to meet the resource needs according to the number of requests. So the developer can simply focus on writing the code. Our developers have extensive experience in developing AWS Lambda function that needs parallel resources so as to execute a large number of requests concurrently. AWS Lambda supports programming in Node.js, C#, Java and Python programming languages.

More Reasons to use AWS Lambda

  • No administration overhead, unlike EC2.
  • Pay for only the Compute power you use.
  • Ideal when you need to handle peaks in load.
  • Provisioning, monitoring, logging are looked after for you.
  • An off the shelf way to horizontally scale.
  • Use familiar environments, such as Visual Studio, to build and deploy.Net Lambda functions.

How our Developers can help you with AWS Lambda Development?

  • Our developers can recommend in which scenarios Lambda function should be used in the project and code should be written in which programming language.
  • Our developers will write the code, test and deploy in live for you to accomplish the goal.
  • They can help you to integrate other AWS services within a Lambda function such as with AWS SES services, SNS services, RDS services etc.
  • Our developers can also help you in setting up a serverless project on AWS lambda which is associated with Function as a Service (FaaS) and has several advantages such as easier operational management, reduced operational costs etc.
  • They can help in writing AWS Lambda function in the most cost-effective way.
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