Apache Solr Development and Integration

If you need to search through documents created in different formats faster with the help of Apache Solr or integrate Apache Solr with your website, AWS, Google Docs or any other system, we can assist. We help configure Apache Solr, automate submission of documents to it for indexing, attach metadata (custom fields) to the documents and search over metadata. Metadata can be as simple as key-value pair (like Author=”Ben Swanson”) or more complex with multiple values (like Allowed Users = {“James”,”Nancy”,”Bob”} for access control). Apache Solr index can be written over HDFS to take advantage of Hadoop ecosystem for faster search.
You can have a web interface created to view indexed documents, view metadata and change it, upload documents (in the form of zip or just specify URL of a cloud location like AWS S3 or Google docs), upload metadata in the form of CSV or can be entered through the web interface. You can reindex the documents in Apache Solr through this web interface itself. We can create the screen for you to search on keywords inside content, search on a meta field value substring, combine multiple search criteria with AND, OR, NOT operators, search on date range, search in document allowed to the user, etc. The output screen can display the list of matching documents in the form of hyperlinks for you to download. Apache Solr integration web project can be created in the technology of your choice (Java Spring,Struts, Stripes, Servlets/JSP, PHP MVC frameworks, .NET or other technologies). It can be integration with Google docs, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Windows Azure, Salesforce or any other cloud based system.

If you are looking for technology experts who can understand your business domain quickly and can help you with development of your Apache Solr projects, contact us today at dev@webners.com.
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