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We are a team of Amazon Alexa Developers who develop custom Alexa skills using Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) to automate your business processes over the voice. Alexa default skill set or skills available from Alexa community are not always sufficient to automate every business process. For example suppose your company’s name is HomeServiceComp. You provide home services for construction, plumbing and electrical work and you want that your customers could send support requests to you by just speaking sentences like “Alexa, ask HomeServiceComp if they can send someone to check my leaking roof on Monday between 9 am to 11.30 am” then for this you need a custom skill developed. You may need that customer is automatically identified along with his address, a new request is registered in your support software and voice response is spoken back to the requester through his Amazon Echo device (like “Hi Jon, Your request is received by HomeServiceComp with reference number A00321. We will be there on Monday around 10.00 am.”). This is an example of Amazon Alexa Skill Development for which our team can assist you.

More about Amazon Alexa Skill Development

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is integrated into Amazon Echo Devices for voice recognition. AVS interacts with additional Alexa cloud services from Amazon to convert voice to text, map text to intent and slots (additional parameters), pass intent and slots to a Lambda service or a web service over HTTPS, receive Alexa skill response and play it back on Amazon Echo device (Alexa text to speech). For example if we continue the previous example “Alexa, ask HomeServiceComp if they can send someone to check my leaking roof on Monday between 9 am to 11.30 am” then in this case “HomeServiceComp” is the invocation name for the custom service, “send someone to check my leaking roof“ is the intent and “Monday” & “between 9 am to 11.30 am” are slots (additional parameters). Once the intent is identified corresponding code at the backend can reside as a service on Amazon Lambda written in Node.js (JavaScript), Java, Python, C#, or Go. We have extensive experience in Amazon Lambda development. This code can also be written in any programming language as a secure REST web service over HTTPS hosted on any server connected to the internet. In the current example, this service will record the request in HomeServiceComp Support Database and return a text response back which will be spoken back through Alexa Voice Service on Echo device. We can assist you with the development of Alexa custom skills. Write to us at our development email id today.

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Write to us today for your Amazon Alexa Skill Development projects to integrate your applications as well as hardware devices with Alexa and Amazon Echo devices. You can send us an email at our development email id or fill the contact form available on our website.
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